Our return to the world of Saints Row kicks off today, with the launch of a free Boss Factory app for constructing your perfect in-game boss.

Yep, it’s a build your own boss workshop deal, showcasing the extensive customisation suite of the upcoming Saints Row reboot. And we’re talking serious customisation – if it’s on or part of your body, you can likely tweak it.

You can get lost for hours, but the coolest part is that once you’ve created your perfect boss, you can save it in readiness of getting busy with it when the game hits – plus, you can share it with the world, or download other players’ work. There’s a bonus for caring and sharing, too, as players will score two free helmets for use in-game.

That’s not all for the free stuff, either, as when you register your Saints Row account via the Boss Factory hub, you’ll nab an exclusive Marshall Rocket Launcher, unlocked and ready to rock once you have the full game.

Wanna get into Boss Factory? If you’re rocking PS5 then it’s here, PS4 is here, and Xbox is right about here.

Saints Row is set to explode on August 23, on PS5, Xbox and PS4. Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi.