Many of little faith doubted that Hideo Kojima’s bizarre-looking PS4 exclusive Death Stranding would ever see the light of day. We have one word for them: November.

That’s November this year, the eighth to be precise. This is the day that Death Stranding will be released upon the world. Well, unless it gets a last minute delay.

An extended new trailer has dropped, revealing the date along with quite a bit of gameplay. It also features a bunch of exposition stuff that as-is doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But we know that we sure want to find out more!

The following statement from Kojima helps a little…

Death Stranding is a completely new type of action game, where the goal of the player is to reconnect isolated cities and a fragmented society. It is created so that all elements, including the story and gameplay, are bound together by the theme of the ‘Strand’ or connection. As Sam Porter Bridges, you will attempt to bridge the divides in society, and in doing create new bonds or ‘Strands’ with other players around the globe. Through your experience playing the game, I hope you’ll come to understand the true importance of forging connections with others.”

The human graphics look quite stunning, and the cast that portrays them is pretty impressive, too. Norman Reedus (TV’s The Walking Dead) stars, alongside Mads Mikkelsen (TV’s Hannibal), Léa Seydoux (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Margaret Qualley (TV’s The Leftovers) and Lindsay Wagner – yes, the Bionic Woman herself!

Game stalwarts Troy Baker (Uncharted, The Last of Us, BioShock) and Tommie Earl Jenkins (Fallout) also appear, as do directors film Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water) and Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive).

Chuck all of those shows/movies/games mentioned above in a blender and the result would likely look akin to Death Stranding, which has apparently been influenced strongly by Twin Peaks.

We can’t wait until November 8!

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