If the streets seemed quiet yesterday afternoon, it’s because everyone was at home cheering on their favourite Overwatch League teams in the Stage 1 finals. 

In the League’s inaugural year, the first stage has just come to a close, with London Spitfire taking out the top spot. In a five-game match at a sold out Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, Spitfire took home the day 3-2, pocketing a nice US$100,000 for their trouble. Their adversaries, New York Excelsior, took home a nice $25K.

All teams now have a week and a bit off before the commencement of Stage 2, which kicks off Thursday Feb 22.

With the beginning of Stage 2, all teams will have fresh records for the new stage, however overall season standings carry over for end of season seeding purposes. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

Top image credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment