Most of us have black PS4s. While they’re functional, they are a bit drab – and, in the case of the Pro, look kind of like a monochromatic liquorice allsort. What do they need? Colour!

Sony are saving the day for colour-challenged PS4 systems everywhere with three new DualShock schemes dropping on various dates through October.

First up, on October 12, is a new blue-based camo livery…


Next up comes the bright and shiny “Berry Blue”, combining elements of a teal-infused blue hue with berry overtones (or something like that). Look for it (and it’s hard to miss) from October 23.


Finally, have fun for seconds on end screaming, “You’ll never take me alive, copper!” with this snazzy copper ensemble. You may even wish to call it copper art… Whatever, it’s heading our way on October 30 – along with re-releases of its metallic siblings in gold, silver and steel black.


Still not enough? “Sunset Orange” will make a limited return from September 18 – that’s the orange one with purple bits.

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