Overwatch‘s Summer Games are making a comeback – that includes a new Lucioball map in Sydney!

Last year’s Summer Games was Overwatch‘s first seasonal event, including new skins, emotes, and a new game mode – Lucioball (Rocket League, but if the cars were Lucios). This time, they’re adding a Sydney map to the already-existing Rio one.

In a developer update, director Jeff Kaplan announced this year’s return of the event, which will run from August 9-29. It’s also worth mentioning that this time you can purchase the skins with credits instead of just crossing your fingers in loot boxes. This also means that you can buy any you missed last year, and they’re roughly a third of the price of the new releases.

Anyway, judging by the pic of the new Lucioball map, it looks like the arena is floating in Sydney Harbour, so that’ll be fun.

Start saving your credits now – the countdown is on.