PlayStation’s range of PlayLink titles gets a boost today with three more releases. Macklemore and friends took some of them for a test play.

PlayLink games ditch the PS4 DualShock for a phone-with-app controller situation. We’ve already encountered That’s You!, which is one of the games that the guys play here, but three more titles are available as of today.

Perhaps the most intriguing is Hidden Agenda, a hunt-the-killer thriller from the people behind Until Dawn, Supermassive Games. Up to six people can work on the case together – but as to whether they all have the same aim is another matter.

Want to dazzle your friend’s with your trivial cleverness? Knowledge Is Power will be up your alley then, bringing quiz show competition to your PS4. But there’s no Buzz! We miss Buzz.

Finally, there’s SingStar Celebration. Yep, the karaoke champion has another release for PS4, bringing Oasis’ Wonderwall (and 29 other songs) to the party. Macklemore and crew don’t play this one, so we’re wondering if they’re pouting because they weren’t included?

Meanwhile, PlayStation Australia has today announced that, collectively, Australians have clocked up more than one billion hours of PlayStation entertainment consumption in the past 12 months. C’mon Aussie – Oi! Oi! Oi! etc.

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