If you’re looking for an introduction to game programming for yourself or the kids in your orbit, Game Builder Garage is looking pretty cool.

Nintendo are no strangers to letting us get a peek behind the scenes, making our own creations with the likes of Super Mario Maker and the programming elements within the Labo range. This is their most expansive venture into the field yet, using simple drag and drop mechanics to enable those with a bit of nous and a lot of imagination to make all sorts of different games, from shooters to platformers to puzzlers to… and then share them with friends, or the world.

It’s all done in a super-friendly, hand-holdy way with plenty of lessons on how to wrangle the various ‘Nodon’ creation tools.

As well as enabling the creation of games, Game Builder Garage also teaches the sort of logic that is transferrable to more advanced game creation systems, so it could be a stepping stone to the creation of the next big thing. And even if it doesn’t lead to mansions, supercars and all the M&M’s that you can eat, it still looks like a lot of fun.

Game Builder Garage launches exclusively for Switch on June 11. Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi.

Check it out: