A new cinematic has arrived for the upcoming Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game from Eidos-Montréal, and we get to meet Lady Hellbender.

The scene carries on from our first look at the game back in June (check that out here if you missed it, or just want a recap), with the Guardians encountering the leader of the Hellraisers, queen of Seknarf Nine and notorious monster collector.

Says the game’s cinematics & animation director Darryl Purdy, “Lady Hellbender is a fan-favourite character from Marvel’s recent comic lore, and we were keen to ensure her place in our Guardians universe reflects the complex personality, depth, and nature fans expect to see. And with humour instilled in every aspect of our game, this gave us an opportunity to flip expectations with the story and introduce an unexpected dynamic between her and a certain Destroyer.”

With almost six hours of interactive cinematics produced for this original story, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is heading to PS5, Xbox and PS4 on October 26. Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi.

Here’s the new cinematic, first up without commentary from Purdy, second with: