Nintendo have done what they do so well and dropped an announce bomb overnight, with news of a new update to their all-conquering Switch console.

While many have speculated about a “Switch Pro” with all sorts of speed enhancements, the Japanese gaming giant had other ideas as to how to update the machine some four years after its original launch.

The chief new feature is a delectable OLED screen, clocking in at seven inches, as compared to the original Switch’s 6.2 inches. OLED screens – as featured in the original release of the PS Vita – offer vastly improved black levels, as each individual super-bright pixel can be turned off and on, and there’s no backlighting.

Nintendo Switch OLED model

Many have had arguments in the past with the small table stand on the Switch, and Nintendo have listened, adding a wide, angle-adjustable stand to what is being called the “OLED model”.

For those who play on TV with the Switch docked, great news is the addition of a wired LAN port to the docking station, offering potetnially more stable online play over wireless connection.

The internal storage has been boosted to 64MB, while the speakers have also been upgraded for beefier sound on the go (or on the table!)

Really great news is that almost all existing peripherals – in particular Joy-Cons – are fully compatible with the OLED model Switch. Just a handful of Labo creations may need adjustment to accommodate the bigger screen. As the internals remain the same, all games are fully compatible, too.

Nintendo Switch OLED model

The Switch OLED model will initially be available in two colour options, the now classic neon red and blue, as well as a natty white Joy-Cons and dock with black screen configuration. It is slated to launch on October 8, the same day that Metroid Dread arrives.

You can pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED model now at JB Hi-Fi.

Here’s a video that shows off all the stuff that we’ve typed above: