Day one of the inaugural Melbourne Esports Open has just come to a close.

With 2018 being the MEO’s first year, nobody really knew what to expect from the event. Much like the first year of PAX Australia, there was bound to be some warming up, with both punters and staff unsure as to how proceedings would go.

Having spent the entire day at the event, we are happy to report that things went well.

Passing through security at the event, we headed straight for the JB Hi-Fi Game On Zone – that opened at 9, 2 hours before the arena doors were set to open. Plenty of people were keen to get a look in at some unreleased games – the most popular were definitely Spider-Man and The Division 2.

Managing to drag ourselves away from playing games all day, we joined the wonderful JB Hi-Fi VIP winners on a backstage tour of the Overwatch Contenders proceedings. We spoke with the casters to see what goes into commentating a show, and even got the chance to go up on stage.

We then had the chance to catch up with Australia’s own Scott ‘Custa’ Kennedy, currently on a break from playing for LA Valiant in the Overwatch League, about his thoughts on the Aussie Contenders (he backed Dark Sided, by the way) and what it’s like moving countries to play a video game.

The rest of the day was a relative breeze. For the first day of an event in its first year, there were barely any complaints from attendees, and any logistical issues were solved quickly. It was great to see so many families in attendance – especially on father’s day weekend. We went to check out the Overwatch Contenders Australia Season 2 finals – congratulations to Sydney Drop Bears on their victory (with an insane Pharah play) – and we can’t wait to see what the OPL Finals hold tomorrow – will it be the Chiefs or the Wolves?