That’s a wrap! Day Two of MEO 2018 is over, and the event has come to a close.

Happy Father’s Day! One thing’s for sure, plenty of dads were out and about soaking up the gaming festival atmosphere with their kids.

We again began our day with a backstage tour with the VIP guests – this time in the company of Benji from Riot, who gave us a look behind the scenes of League of Legends. We got a look at the trophy, and had a quick chat with Nichboy – the OPL Finals host.

Afterwards, we made a beeline straight for the Fortnite stage to check out the Misfits vs Click charity game – where Misfits came out on top. A definite highlight was the dance comp, and it was great to see the crowd getting so involved.

We had a quick lunch break, quickly ran in to check out some CS:GO, and then of course headed in to watch the main event – Dire Wolves versus Chiefs in the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League Grand Final. Congratulations to Dire Wolves for a well-deserved win (and a few choice Baron steals).

Overall, the Melbourne Esports Open weekend was a heap of fun; a great way for the industry to come together and recognise the potential of the esports and gaming industry. We look forward to seeing where the event is able to go in future years.