Before the E3 starting pistol is officially fired, Microsoft opened the Galen Center to global media.

Hats off to Microsoft here. Rather than frantically running around the show floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center trying to grab time with Microsoft’s slate, the platform holder opened the Galen Center for a full day to media.

Many of the games showcased at the media briefing were available to play, albeit in allocated slot times. Forza Motorsport 7, Assassins Creed Origins and Sea of Thieves were the titles drawing the most attention here. Forza looks absolutely incredible, and a good selling title for the company’s incoming hardware.

We didn’t get an opportunity to grab some time on Origins, but along with Far Cry 5 we’ll be making it a priority when we get to the Ubisoft booth at E3.

On the stage, set upon a stand and keenly guarded by security, sat the Xbox One X and controller, glowing like the fertility idol in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Resisting the temptation to dash on stage to pick it up and take a closer look, we settled on consuming seven egg and cheese burritos instead.

Perhaps, like the business area at EA Play this year, holding offsite media access at E3 (what with the doors open to the public now) will become a more regular feature for publishers and format holders.

Time for bed here in L.A. – the doors to E3 open at lunchtime tomorrow.