Microsoft have christened their successor to the Xbox One, and it will be known as the Xbox Series X.

So, it seems that their tradition of confusing name conventions continues!

The announcement of the powerful new console – featuring four times more oomph than the Xbox One X – comes via a launch trailer that features a large chunk of British writer Alan Watts’ essay The Dream of Life.

Instead of lying flat, the funky looking unit comes in tower form – but those with traditional entertainment centres will be pleased to know that it will be fine lying on its side.

While at first glance the controller looks near-as unchanged from that which comes with both the Xbox One S and X, closer inspection shows that it’s new and improved. This includes slight changes to its size and shape, plus the addition of a “share” button for easy capture of screenshots, game clips and such.

The Xbox Series X is still promised for “holiday 2020” – so, late next year.

Here’s that trailer of which we typed: