Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X console will have a little sibling, in the form of the Xbox Series S.

Touted as the smallest Xbox yet – it’s “nearly” 60 per cent smaller than the Series X – this one looks more like a speaker than a games machine.

It will be digital only (there’s no disc slot, meaning no 4K disc player). Storage-wise it will house a speedy 512GB SSD.

Seemingly aimed as a stepping stone from the current generation to the more powerful Xbox Series X, the Series S will still boast some impressive specs. For the more technically minded, these include 1440P resolution graphics at up to 120 frames per second, and it will support next-gen raytracing and shading.

The Xbox Series S has been priced at US$299, however we’re waiting for confirmation of local pricing. While no release date has been confirmed as yet, November 10 is being bandied about – but don’t hold us to that!

Stay tuned, things are getting more interesting every day with the next generation of games consoles.