If you didn’t get up at 4am on a Sunday – which is completely understandable – here’s everything that you missed at this morning’s EA Play press briefing. 

A bunch of new trailers dropped and, awkward hosts aside, there were plenty of games on show – even if that didn’t necessarily mean a whole lot of gameplay.

To kick things off, there was a pretty cool, almost 3D-projected Anthem trailer, with the promise of more later in the show.

We then found out a little bit more about Battlefield V. We were reminded that it’ll have a destructible environment, and a tonne of customisation – some cosmetic, some that will change the way the game actually plays. The team are hoping to tell the ‘untold stories of WWII’, and we’ll find out more at tomorrow’s Xbox press conference. Oh – and it’s getting a battle royale mode after launch. Surprise, surprise! Here’s a new look at the multiplayer component…

FIFA 19 is getting a whole new league, and Alex Hunter will return for the game’s ‘The Journey’ story mode. Check out more info and the reveal trailer here.


Respawn made a point of appearing, revealing more on the new Star Wars game that they have in development. It’s called Jedi: Fallen Order, and is set in the Dark Times. The new game will (at this stage) release late in 2019.

The new Solo: A Star Wars Story content for Star Wars Battlefront II was shown, and the team also announced that we’ll soon be going back to the Clone Wars. Yep, that means General Grievous, Count Dooku, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker will all enter the fray. We’ll also get to visit Geonosis.

Unravel 2 was announced – and it’s available right now. It’s playable either in solo or co-op, and looks just as adorable as the first one was. Welcome back, Yarny!

Continuing the indie announcements, EA announced a new collaboration with Yo-Mai out of Berlin called Sea of Solitude, about the monster of loneliness.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an EA conference without some sports (it’s in the game!), so we saw a little more of NBA Live 19 and NFL 19. They also announced a new mobile game – Command & Conquer: Rivals.

To finish things off, we got a proper new look at Anthem, which still looks like Destiny meets Monster Hunter with a bit of Avatar thrown in. Get more details – and the new cinematic trailer – here.


That was pretty much it. As usual, the presenters were considerably nervous, but understandably so, and there were a lot less technical difficulties than last year. Hopefully we’ll get a more sizeable look at Battlefield V tomorrow at Xbox’s conference.