Memo to LEGO: please stop! Yet another super-cool set to send us ever closer to penury is coming soon, in the form of a brick-built Atari VCS.

Ah, the legendary Video Computer System, with its ever-so-1970s faux wood panelling. All the details appear to have been recreated in this sizeable 2,532-piece set, from the console itself to that classic hand-jarring joystick (which actually moves!)

But wait, there’s more!

Also included are three LEGO-built cartridges – Asteroids, Centipede and Adventure (strangely format classic Space Invaders was overlooked), a little cartridge storage rack and three vignettes, each based on the games featured. There even appears to be a hidden slice of ’80s game room complete with minifigure that can be revealed when sliding the top panel forward.

LEGO Atari

Coinciding with Atari’s 50th anniversary, we have until September 1 in Australia to save up for this likely insanely expensive new set.

Alternatively, you could pick up the reborn Atari VCS, or compilations of classic VCS/2600 games for PS4 and Xbox. Check them out at JB here.

LEGO Atari