The word “legend” is bandied about fairly freely nowadays, but sometimes it’s completely apt – like with Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

Seriously, if not for this man’s incredibly fertile mind, we would never have played the likes of Donkey Kong, the Mario games, the Zelda series, PilotWings, Pikmin or many other classic Nintendo franchises.

So, when he says hello to us, we say hello back!

Here’s a fun little greeting to Mario fans in Australia and New Zealand from the great man, recorded at this year’s E3. Normally we cringe when non-Aussies go the big “G’day!”, but not here – Mr Miyamoto is daggy in all the best ways.

It’s also a plug for the very brilliant Super Mario Odyssey on Switch, and within it we’re promised more treasure and costumes to be added to the game in future.

Hey Nintendo, when do we get a Mr Miyamoto amiibo?

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