We conquered E3 this year over in L.A. Here’s the list of my best games of E3 2017 – in no particular order.

Sea of Thieves

I’ve had almost a week to reflect on what I played at E3 2017, and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Sea of Thieves was my game of the show. It seems absurd that for someone like me – who, for example, didn’t play Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag because I hated the sailing – should find so much enjoyment in a game about pirates.

I have a feeling it’s a lot to do with the squad I played with – and I must mention here the very generous Ewen, who sacrificed his only chance to play so I could have a gander – but there must just be something about wandering around a ship with genuinely no seafaring knowledge, and having a bunch of strangers vomit on you – while playing you music from an accordion they’ve seemingly pulled out of your pocket. I can’t wait for Sea of Thieves to come out, and I’m currently deciding who among my friends will be the best bet to pillage alongside.


Sure, I didn’t actually get to play this, but I don’t need to in order to know it’s gonna be bloody awesome. The combat looks somewhere between the Prototype games (which I adored) and the Batman Arkham series (which I also adored), so how could I go wrong? I also happen to quite like Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and Homecoming will only keep me occupied for so long. Give me a release date, already!

Super Mario Odyssey

Considering this looks a lot like Super Mario Galaxy, I am there. The hat thing looks kinda gimmicky, but it wouldn’t be a new Mario RPG without a decent gimmick. I played a bit at E3, and it was a lot of genuine fun – pretty fast-paced, too, so I’m keeping an eye on this.

Project CARS 2

I like a good driving sim, but I love a good driving sim that lets me drive my own car. In Project CARS 2, I can do just that – but I doubt I’ll be able to mod it as much as I want to. Happy to be proven wrong.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

I am awful at fighting games. Always have been, and I doubt that’s going to change any time soon. Regardless, I am so stoked for Dragon Ball FighterZ. I’m happy to lose, as long as I get to play as Golden Frieza.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Call of Duty: WWII

Let me be the first to declare that I am not the world’s biggest Call of Duty fan. I think I’ve almost lost track of how many have released over the last few years, and the only ones I really, properly got into were Modern Warfare 3 and Zombies with my brother on Black Ops II.

In saying that, we played a few multiplayer rounds of Call of Duty: WWII at E3, and there is no doubt in my mind that I’m going to love this one. Close-quarters trench warfare is my calling, so it seems. I’ll be putting a lot of hours into this come November, you can bet your khakis.

Destiny 2

I may not be the world’s biggest CoD fan, but boy do I love Destiny. Naturally, when I found out they were making another one, I was pretty excited, and then I saw the new Arcstrider subclass and I put down my preorder, no questions asked.

The story should be at least half-decent, but it’s the Exotics I’m looking forward to. I need a new cape.


Announced in the first half of last year, Vampyr is a game from the developers of Life Is Strange – you know, that episodic consequence venture. It’s completely different, and it’s got a super intriguing premise; you’re a Vampyr, but you’re also a doctor. See the problem? Feeding on the general public would go against your sworn oath to protect them. Oooooh.

I sat in on a pretty in-depth presentation at the conference this year, and the gameplay looks crafty, too – you’ve got Vampyr abilities that use a sort of blood meter, and the whole choice/consequence thing will no doubt have a huge impact on how your game plays out. Available later this year.


I had not even heard of Matterfall until I set foot in the Sony media booth at E3. Paul – our Editor-in-Chief – had an appointment for GT Sport on the VR that he was waiting for, and the booth attendant standing next to me offered ‘did you want to try Matterfall?’ I sat down (mostly because I saw there was a free sticker and I’m a sucker for a good sticker), and as a follow up the attendant went ‘yeah, it’s not very easy.’ He was not wrong. I died in about 4 seconds. Granted, the demo they thew me in on was the first boss level, but I was assured this was the easiest way to learn the ropes.

My demo there lasted about 10 minutes and approximately 22 more deaths, and then I was swept off to play FIFA. Thankfully, not being a very good loser, there was a spare seat before our Spider-Man session, so I jumped on again. With a little more time up my sleeve, I changed the level to the tutorial to learn the controls, then jumped back in with the boss. Essentially a sidescroller, Matterfall is all about movement and coordination – most of the time, if you stay still, you die. It’s one of the most challenging games I’ve ever played, and for some reason I kept going back, determined to beat the boss. I eventually did, and boy was it satisfying. Matterfall is undoubtedly one of the best games of E3 2017, and I can’t wait for the full product.