The forthcoming Ataribox retro console is becoming less of an enigma, as we find out more about what will make the thing tick.

A new announcement from the people who own Atari now declares that the Ataribox – be it wood-panelled or red and black – will be powered by an AMD customised processor, with Radeon Graphics technology inside.

It will be running the Linux operating system, with a custom user interface. Because of this, the Ataribox will also be able to be used as a PC the TV, offering the ability to do such things as streaming, running apps, social media, browsing, playing music and more.


The system will also include “tons” of classic Atari retro games pre-loaded and, more intriguingly, “current titles from a range of studios”.

The Ataribox will launch on Indiegogo this Australian spring, so it shouldn’t be far off at all considering that spring has already sprung. This will allow early access for the hardcore, as well as various as-yet-unannounced special editions. Actual units are expected to start shipping during (our) Autumn next year.

Sounds good? Well, take a deep breath, as the price is expected to be between US$249 and $299, depending on editions and memory configurations. This better be one heck of a cool and capable machine to justify those bucks.