Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer has taken to the web to unveil a bit more info about the upcoming new-gen console the Xbox Series X.

A big emphasis has been placed on both power and speed for this new console. It’s no surprise that this will be the most powerful Xbox yet, and helping that will be a custom processor that uses AMD’s Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures. We can also look forward to variable rate shading and hardware-accelerated Direct-X raytracing.

If that’s too tech gobbledygook for you, basically it means that this Xbox will have around four times the processing power of the current-gen Xbox One S, while graphics-wise things will be eight times faster than the S. So, we can look forward to higher framerates – up to 120 frames per second – and smoother, nicer looking graphics.

Continuing on, Phil touched upon immersion. Basically, they want the steps from turning on to playing to be as quick as possible. To this end, the inbuilt SSD drive is certainly going to help. But the Xbox Series X will also have a quick resume feature, which will let players continue multiple games from a suspended state “almost instantly”. See ya later, loading screens!

Other efforts made to create a speedier environment for players include reducing lag between the controller and console, as well as introducing HDMI 2.1 for more instant video connections.

“A feature already touted, but one that bears repeating, is the backwards compatibility of the Xbox Series X.”

A feature already touted, but one that bears repeating, is the backwards compatibility of the Xbox Series X. This means that many games going right back to the original Xbox will work on the new console, often with enhancements – as we’ve seen already on the Xbox One series. That’s four generations of games. Part of this is what Xbox are calling ‘Smart Delivery’, whereby if you buy a game, it will work out the best version for the console that you’re playing on. So, say you buy Halo Infinite for your Xbox One S and you later get an Xbox Series X, the game will update to the version for your new hardware.

Speaking of Halo Infinite, Phil also promises that with the arrival of the Xbox Series X, first party games will continue to hit Xbox Game Pass on day one of release.

That’s it for now, so nothing too groundbreaking, but we’re promised a whole lot more in coming months, likely with things really going bang around E3 in June. Stay tuned!

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