We guess we’d never thought about it. But as he’s developed from pixels into a humanish figure, Mario has also developed other things.

We doubt we’ll ever know to what extent – and we don’t really want to – as the latest Nintendo Direct has shocked us enough with the revelation that he has nipples. Yes, we do need to get out more.

Speaking of our fave former tradie, Super Mario Odyssey will be coming in a bundle pack with red JoyCons. Proper, brand new red ones, not pinky neon things. Why do they keep doing this to us? The actual game will also include a photo mode for those who get more fun out of snapping than playing. We can’t wait for launch day, October 27.

In other hardware news, a Pokéball-themed New Nintendo 2DS is on its way.

Flipping to software, that little pink bundle of joy Kirby’s Switch game has also been named – Kirby Star Allies. It’s due in the first half of 2018. Meanwhile, Kirby Battle Royale for 3DS will be popping by in early November.

New 3DS stuff figured quite prominently, with the announcement of Mario Party: The Top 100. It’s set to feature the best 100 minigames from throughout the series long history. Meanwhile, Minecraft is finally launching on the format – right about now.

Want new Switch stuff? Well, OK. Exciting news is that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been dated – and December 1 is the day. There’ll also be a funky themed Pro Controller dropping the same day (pictured below). We’ll pause for a moment while you update your diaries.

[Sound of dischordant whistling…]

Xenoblade 2

That’s not the only RPG news, with Square Enix announcing Project Octopath Traveller (that’s a working title). Not only that, a demo is available right now. We’re not pausing this time though, because just like Mario we need to get stuff done.

Right. Want some MOBA action on your Switch? Sure! Arena of Valor (sic – dumb American spelling), a successful mobile battle thing, is heading Switch-wards. There’ll be a free beta soon-ish.

Rounding things out, there’ll be a retail release of the fun puzzler Snipperclips for Switch hitting next month, with a bunch of new stuff added. Those who already have it will be able to purchase the additions as DLC.

Nintendo fans certainly aren’t going to be starved for choice, especially with third-party support for Switch going off. Like this.