Experiment 101 – a dev company comprised of ex-Just Cause devs – are teaming up with THQ Nordic to release Biomutant, an adorable new RPG.

Recently announced at Gamescom, Biomutant is a kind of fantasy-action-RPG where you play as a fox? He looks like Master Shifu to me, actually, who’s a red panda, so let’s go with that. He’s even got the Kung Fu moves to boot – check out the cinematic trailer:

Anyway, we don’t really know too much about this yet, save for that it looks like a lot of fun. It’s the golden age of the RPG, so it may seem, and you can see the game’s official description below:

“BIOMUTANT’s unique design lets players change their character’s abilities and appearance with powerful mutations, bionic prosthetics and weapons. Grow claws, sprout wings, or attach a robotic leg – each choice will impact the way your hero plays in real-time combat that blends melee martial arts and firearms.

Set in an imaginative post-apocalyptic universe, BIOMUTANT is a kung fu fable filled with fantastic creatures to discover, dangerous factions to navigate, and colourful worlds to explore with mechs, paragliders, balloons, mounts, jet skis and more.”

Interesting, right? It’s set to release early next year. Here’s a glimpse of some gameplay:

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