For those who have been patiently awaiting a proper 2D Dragon Ball fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ is your calling. 

It’s officially E3 Day Two here in L.A., and we kicked off this morning with a tour of the Bandai Namco booth.

First up was the eagerly-awaited Project Cars 2, which wasn’t in full build and had a rather unforgiving handling system. That being said, once you got the hang of it, it was a lot of fun, and I even spotted what was either a Subaru BRZ or a Scion FRS (depending on the model), so naturally I have to pick up a copy to drive my own car. There’s also a handy HUD toggle that lets you switch between a couple of different screen displays.

Following that was the game many are calling one of the best of E3 – Dragon Ball FighterZ. Where the Xenoverse games were 3D fighters, this one goes back to your regular 2D, and is a hell of a lot of fun for anyone who’s a fan of Dragon Ball and its characters. Majin Buu turns people into cookies and eats them, for crying out loud! The level of competition for this one is going to be over 9,000.

Next was Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. This one was also a lot of fun. Honestly, a lot of the time I had no idea what I was doing, but the art style is truly outstanding – it’s a beautiful game to look at, and a cute one to play. As far as combat is concerned, you can toggle between close-range and long-range attacks, and even use combat and healing abilities.

Finally, Paul had a go on Ace Combat 7:

“Ace Combat 7: Unknown Skies was playable on the Namco booth, but when we saw the VR set-up on one of the stands, wild horses couldn’t keep us back. We’ve always been a fan of the Ace Combat franchise, and flying games are the perfect showcase for VR. You begin the demo ready for take-off on an aircraft carrier. Once airborne and hunting the enemy, the total field of vision acts like a third hand as you barrel roll, climb and dive in dogfights trying to get a missile lock on the opposition. This is certainly a title we’ll want to play in virtual reality, and not for the first time this E3, we stepped away from a VR demo without feeling sick.”

Props to Bandai Namco for having the bulk of their games releasing before the end of the year.