It’s E3 Day One, and what better way to kick off the event this year than with Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch?

Our E3 began with the STACK team being swept off their feet and hailed into the Nintendo booth for some in-depth hands-on with a plethora of upcoming Switch titles.

Given the chance, of course our first choice was the new Super Mario Odyssey RPG. Predictably, it’s a lot of fun. Mario’s hat is your new best friend – you can throw it and use it as a platform to jump off, or you can chuck it at enemies or use it to get to hard-to-reach coins. It’s very Super Mario 64, and though we only got to play through two worlds, it was a hatful of fun. Can’t wait for October.

Next up was Pokken Tournament DXwhich is Pokken Tournament, but for the Switch. I played as Scisor and Darkrai, and it’s still a hectic arcade title, no matter what console you’re playing it on. Pokemon is great as a fighting game, and this one let’s you switch between 2D and 3D modes to keep you on your toes.

Fire Emblem Warriors was enjoyable, too, as a mash-up of the Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors games. This will be a nice stress relief tool no doubt.

A surprise enjoyment of the day was Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, a crossover between the Mushroom Kingdom and Ubisoft’s world of Rabbids. This trailer caught us off guard at Ubisoft’s press conference yesterday, and it was a pleasant surprise to find it playable at the booth. For someone like myself who saves her JRPG time allotment exclusively for Pokemon, this is a game I can see myself coming back to. The sheer stupidity and silliness of the Rabbids really brings out another side to the Mario universe, and there’s an underlying strategic layer that will make even the sharpest among us think twice.

Overall, we must give credit where credit is due to Nintendo for their wonderful booth layout; we could play anything we wanted, and the hat-tipping Mario on entrance couldn’t help but make even the most tired of E3 attendees smile.