It’s long been established that Nintendo don’t do things like other games companies do. Their Switch-centric E3 Spotlight was no exception, quickly teasing some very big titles and moving on.

The U.S. face of Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aimé, introduced the pre-recorded assemblage of clips, and summed up Nintendo’s outlook on games succinctly: “If it’s not fun, why bother?”

Right out of the gates, Nintendo went big. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks very cool, and is slated for release before Christmas this year. In this chapter of the action-RPG series, a new hero will seek out Elysium while journeying through a vast new world.

Watch: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 E3 trailer and gameplay

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
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Just as we were absorbing a short, sharp shock of a look at Xenoblade Chronicles 2, who should pop up but that little pink glob of awesomeness that is Kirby?! Teased simply as ‘Kirby’, the new game is due sometime next year and looks to adhere to his platformer roots – but with up to four players at once. If you’re alone it’s cool though, for you can recruit enemies to your side by whomping them with hearts.

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The Japanese side of Nintendo was represented by Shinya Takahashi, who popped in for a quick hello. The biggest take from his brief message was that he is “so relieved” at the runaway success of Switch, which is almost impossible to get hold of in some countries currently due to crazy-high demand.

Head of The Pokémon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara, also appeared, with a mention of the already announced big box of biffo Pokkén Tournament DX (due out on September 22) and… the big one for some… teasing that a core RPG Pokémon title is currently in development. That good news was tempered slightly, however, by his stating that it could be more than a year away.

It was all becoming a lot to take in when what should pop up onscreen but a (game footage-free) tease for Metroid Prime 4. Samus is coming to Switch sometime in 2018, which will make a lot of gamers very happy.

There couldn’t be anything else new and exciting, surely? Well, actually… Yoshi! 2018 will see the little green guy getting his very own Switch adventure, which is just known currently as ‘Yoshi’ (notice a pattern?) Slightly reminiscent of LittleBigPlanet in its cut-out diorama-styled look, each level has two sides – quite literally. So, you can pop behind the scenes to find even more hidden treasure and other surprises.

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Then, an evil dragon appeared… Could it be? Yes it is! Fire Emblem Warriors, with favourite characters such as Marth, Xander and female Corrin joining forces with game-exclusive newbies to try to defeat hordes of enemy fighters. We won’t have to wait too long to check it out, either, as it’s due this spring on Switch, with a 3DS version (newer systems only) to follow later.

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The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma came by next, Master Sword and all, reminding us of the Zelda items hitting Skyrim on the Switch, and giving us a quick look at the two big DLC packs for Breath of the Wild – the second one of which will be known as The Champions’ Ballad. There will also be four new champion amiibos releasing later in the year in a four-pack. More specifically, that’s Goron champion Daruk, Rito champion Revali, Zora champion Mipha and Gerudo champion Urbosa.

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For those who’d missed it at Ubisoft’s E3 show, the collision of two much-loved franchises, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, was briefly shown. It’s releasing on August 29 and we can’t wait. BWAH? BWAAAAAAAH!!!

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We’d seen a peek before proceedings proper even began, so Rocket League wasn’t a huge surprise when it appeared next. Yes, the red hot car soccer game will be going portable on Switch – and cross-platform support is promised, along with Nintendo-specific customisations and battle-cars.

It was a lot to absorb in a short time, and then came… a dinosaur! What? Actually, it was the one that most everybody was waiting for – Super Mario Odyssey. After footage unveiling more gameplay than we’d previously seen, an extended ‘let’s play’ divulged even more. Basically, players can Mario-ise bad guys, capturing and using them by hurling his hat – ‘Cappy’ – at them. Once a kingdom is conquered, Mario will pop into his little spaceship and find somewhere else to search for power moon chunks. We also saw glimpses of ‘Pixel Mario’, whereby he gets his 2D on to explore specific areas.

Watch: Super Mario Odyssey E3 trailer and gameplay

Super Mario Odyssey
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It’s also been dated – yes, we’ll be able to get into Super Mario Odyssey on October 27, along with three new Odyssey-themed amiibos – very dapper editions of Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser.

All of these surprises and almost no mention of hot incoming titles like ARMS and Splatoon 2 save for a quick tournament shout-out. Nintendo really are kicking goals with the Switch (oh yeah, we saw some FIFA 18 footage, too!). Our already bulging wish list just got quite a bit longer!