PlayStation’s 2017 E3 event delivered more info on previously announced titles, and added some more for us to look forward to in great anticipation.

It was a fairly low-key affair, lasting just an hour and, save for two brief interludes from PlayStation head honcho Shawn Layden, it let the game footage speak for itself. If you keep reading you’ll find a chronological blow-by-blow of all titles that were covered.

Proceedings kicked off with dodgy sound and a further look at Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the Nathan Drake-free zone that focuses on two of the women from his life, Chloe and Nadine.

Watch: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy E3 story trailer

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Next came a whole bunch of snow – onscreen and inside – heralding the announcement of new DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn. Entitled The Frozen Wilds, it should be with us later this year.

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With the sound fixed it was time for a decent look at last year’s announcement, Days Gone. Kind of like Sons of Anarchy meets The Walking Dead, we’re really looking forward to getting a release date and taking this out for a ride.

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This is where Shawn Layden first showed up, declaring that in regards to this year’s E3, for PlayStation “It’s all about the games.” He wasn’t kidding either, as we dived straight back into footage.

The next new game to grace the gigantic screen was Capcom’s Monster Hunter World. Due in early 2018, you’re let loose in a monster-filled world and have to prove yourself as the ultimate hunter.

Very exciting news dropped next, as Shadow of the Colossus burst into life in full HD. Rather than a mere remastering, this one’s the real deal, rebuilt from scratch. Very exciting!

Watch: Shadow of the Colossus E3 trailer

Shadow of the Colossus

More Capcom goodness followed, with a new look at Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, the multiple universe brawler which is hitting, crashing, bashing and thumping this coming September 19.

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We couldn’t miss out on new Call of Duty: WWII footage, and PlayStation delivered with a reveal of the multiplayer. Get set for it to hit on November 3, with a whole lot of bangs and explosions.

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If you’re armed with PSVR and are wondering where the pressies were for you, don’t worry, as a slab of them were revealed next. Take a deep breath…

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR led the way…

Next, space action platformer Star Child

Supermassive Games’ creepy-fest The Inpatient followed, taking us back in time to the Blackwood Sanitorium some 60 years before the events of Until Dawn.

Monster of the Deep gurgled onscreen next, a spinoff from Final Fantasy XV where you travel waterways the world over and carry out a whole variety of fishing challenges.

Shooter fans will be sure to dig the tactical focus of Bravo Team

Moss is a simply beautiful-looking adventure that reminded us somewhat of the classic Wind in the Willows tales.

There’s no holding the big guy down for too long, of course, and Kratos came out swinging next in a gameplay tease of the God of War reboot, which is due early in 2018.

Watch: God of War E3 gameplay trailer

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Many are excited for Quantic Dreams’ Detroit: Become Human, and that includes us here at STACK. Talkin’ ’bout an android revolution, here’s an extensive character trailer for the PS4 exclusive…

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Another one that couldn’t be overlooked, Bungie’s Destiny 2 popped by for a quick reminder that it’s due on September 6. Here’s a fresh new look at it…

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Hey, Shawn Leyden’s back, touting a new PS4 exclusive… and it’s… Spider-Man! Get ready for an extended look at the gameplay. If it plays as well as it appears to then we’re in for a swinging time (urgh, sorry) with this one when it becomes available next year.

Watch: Spider-Man E3 gameplay trailer

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That’s it! No mention of Gran Turismo Sport, The Last of Us Part II, Knack 2, Everybody’s Golf… So, there’s a LOT of PlayStation goodness to look forward to in coming months.