When the original, crowdfunded Project CARS was first mooted, people doubted that the real thing – if it ever eventuated – would look nearly as good as the screenshots. But it did.

So, when we look at the new E3 sizzle trailer for Project CARS 2 – now dated for a September 22 release – and its in-game footage we don’t just want to believe, we do believe. Seriously, this looks even more amazing than the first.

Project CARS tended more towards simulation than arcade racer – it was certainly no Mario Kart. It was tough and challenging, but as long as you didn’t push things too hard it just felt right. With more cars, more tracks and more, well, more, we have high hopes for Project CARS 2.

Speaking of more, there’s a cool Deluxe Edition for PS4 and Xbox One featuring bonus cars and a season pass available exlusively from JB Hi-Fi. You can pre-order yours now.

Oh yes, that E3 sizzle reel. Do try not to drool on your screen, car lovers…

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