A new, limited edition pair of Nike Air Max sneakers is on its way, inspired by the classic Nintendo 64 console.

They echo the light grey colour scheme of the console’s standard controller, rather than the actual console itself which was much darker. But those key button colours of red, blue and green are all up in the design as accents.

Nintendo 64

Little touches such as power and reset buttons on the tongues and US-styled ratings logos on the insole are accompanied by very Nintendo logo-like ‘Air Max’ labels on the rear of each shoe.

Nintendo 64

Set to be available overseas “soon” for US$160, we’re not sure how we’d go about scoring a pair here in Australia – should we wish to drop such bucks on a pair of sneakers, natch.

This isn’t the first time that Nike have paired with the big N, with previous releases including these rather snazzy NES numbers…