Nintendo’s Labo, where you get a bunch of flat cardboard, punch out shapes and fold them to assemble cool peripherals, is set to venture into virtual reality.

The upcoming Toy-Con 04, or VR Kit, will include all the bits and bobs to construct a visor assembly that houses the Switch unit.

If that’s not enough, there are add-ons such as a blaster, which has support from games where you shoot aliens and, erm, feed hippos. The “wind pedal” is another, which is used for jumping in a game full of bears and balls. Then there’s the “bird”, which is a cardboard version of the usually feathered creature that attaches to the Labo VR visor for flight games – you even have to press buttons to flap your wings. Pilotwings really has gone to the birds! You can even combine the last two things for another game.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve yet to mention the “elephant”. It’s basically a trunk attachment for the visor that, while being anything but a tasteful fashion statement, can be used for a freeform drawing game (“you can even grab and move your doodles around”), or for solving puzzles.

With a camera attachment and photography game, a collection of 64 minigames and the ability to make your own simple VR diversions, there’s certainly a lot of value to be had in this pack.

The Toy-Con 04 VR Kit is set for an Australian release on April 12. Labo! Labo! Labo!