Been wanting to know more about how Nintendo’s upcoming video-game-meets-origami thing Labo is going to work? Well, have we got some video for you!

While we have reservations about how long the cardboard bits will survive, we’re otherwise really excited about this. Something actually new – yet old – in the game space. From using the JoyCon rumble to create a remote control vehicle to a functioning cat piano, Labo will certainly bring the creativity upon its April 20 release.

You could argue that it’s just basically more recyclable versions of all those wild and wacky Wii accessories, but with software tailored specifically to the myriad you-fold-it accessories the interactivity is considerably ramped. Plus, who hasn’t ever wanted to be a robot?!

The video just below gives great insight into Labo, from assembly to play, and how it all works under the bonnet. Keep going further down for more detailed looks at both the Variety and Robot kits.

Pre-order Labo for the Switch now at JB Hi-Fi.