Wondering which 40 songs are included in Just Dance 2019? Get them all in one quick video – including everybody’s favourite pill-popping cheese wheel, Pac-Man.

Yes, even the classic video game’s music has been given the dance treatment, bumping and grinding with a bunch of recent chart fodder and an alarming bunch of covers. What’s wrong with Plastic Bertrand’s original Ca Plane Pour Moi? (We say from our rocking chair on the porch).

The Just Dance series has seen an interesting evolution, with the music mix becoming decreasingly variable as the years have progressed. Whereas once there’d be the odd rock or indie tune, now it’s basically DOOF all the way.

Still, with a Just Dance Unlimited pass you do have access to some 400 more songs, which include quite a bit of variety.

Just Dance 2019 is out now for PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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