Sony have gone completely mad at Paris Games Week, announcing all manner of new games big and small. Here we summarise the new stuff, while at the bottom of the page you’ll find the latest trailers for some titles we already know about, plus links to the PSVR announcements and new DLC news. Save for the first title – because, well, Aussie – these are in alphabetical order, so stay tuned for a couple of pleasant surprises…


The Gardens Between

Developed right here in Melbourne by The Voxel Agents, this delightful-looking time-messing adventure is billed as “a surreal story of friendship”.  We love local games, we adore big props and we wish it every success in the world when it hits in 2018, but wouldn’t it have been nice if PlayStation had announced it at PAX Melbourne just this last weekend? We think that would have been more appropriate.


Concrete Genie

You’re a bullied teen with the ability to escape into your own imaginative worlds of magic and monsters. Hmm, it sounds like a real world simulator… Well, except for the added ability to make your art come to life.



Easily the most interesting-sounding title announced for PlayStation’s PlayLink range (use your mobile phone as a controller), Erica promises live action drama (not 3D graphics) where you can mess with the narrative.


Ghost of Tsushima

OK, this is the biggest of the new big ones – the latest from those InFamous people at Sucker Punch. This promises an open world samurai adventure set in the feudal Japan of 1274. We’d hazard a guess and say that we won’t be seeing it released for a while.


Guacamelee 2

We adored the first Guacamelee!, so this was a big announcement for us. A platformer set in a brightly-hued Mexico, it’s a direct sequel that’s due soon.



An up-to-four-player rhythm racing game, this looks akin to Amplitude meets WipEout, with a soundtrack from EDM star Avicii.


LocoRoco 2 Remastered

More cute globs ahoy! OK, so hardened gamers aren’t even reading this by now, but the LocoRoco games are awesome (and often quite challenging), so their loss.



This arcadey melange of racing disciplines with a focus on style will come to us from the Evolution team that created MotorStorm and DriveClub, who are now doing their thing for Codemasters.



We’ve no idea how to pronounce that, but doesn’t this look rather intriguing, and dare we say Journey-like?


Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier

In the absence of a new Ape Escape announcement, you can finally make a monkey out of your PS4 with this forthcoming console-exclusive adventure game.

Spelunky 2

If you dig caves then you’ll know all about the original indie smash Spelunky. Want some more? OK, here it comes!


Tennis World Tour

Uh, it’s a tennis game. Get hyped, swingers!


The Hong Kong Massacre

Cyberpunk alert! This topdown baby goes bonkers in Hongkers in a kind of Hotline Miami style. We look forward to knowing more than the trailer lets on.


That may be it for the new titles, but there were also updated trailers for some others that we already know are coming, so please keep reading…


Detroit: Become Human

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God of War

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Marvel’s Spider-Man

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Shadow of the Colossus

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The Last of Us: Part II

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