Many doubted that PlayStation VR would have any legs, yet the interesting games and experiences just keep on coming. Here’s a bunch of new titles that were announced at PlayStation’s Paris Games Week gig, plus some updates on a few that we already knew about.


Blood & Truth

From London Studio, the people behind The London Heist in PlayStation VR Worlds, this appears to be an embiggened criminal underworld story in a similar style. In it, you play a Special Forces soldier trying to save your family, innit?


Bow to Blood

This asks us to take to the skies as captain of a powerful airship for a big bunch of steampunky airship fighting. OK, we’re in!


Dead Hungry

From Q Games – the PixelJunk people – this is a job sim in which you have to sling burgers to feed relentless hordes… of zombies!


Eden Tomorrow

Could you survive the giant perils that await on a hostile alien planet? Now you’ll be able to find out.


League of War: VR Arena

Uh, it’s a tabletop battle game that isn’t too far away from release now.



This one’s aiming for an Overwatch kind of vibe – we dig confidence – but in VR, whereby you inhabit a titan and bash other titans. Roll on 2018!


Rec Room

As the title suggests, this is a virtual games room, offering everything from co-op quests and charades to more active stuff like paintball and dodgeball.


Star Child

Billed as a “cinematic sci-fi platformer”, Star Child was inspired by the classic 2D side-scrolling platform games, but is now – of course – like all 3D and VR and stuff.



This one sounds intriguing – and intriguing sounds are part of how you’ll succeed, as they’re the only way you see. Holy sensory mix-up, Batman!


Sprint Vector

A futuristic foot-racing game. Why do it in the scary real world when you can do it in the relative safety of your lounge room?



Three planes, three islands and freedom to pretty much do what you want as you take to the skies – whether you’re a capable pilot or not.


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