The thrill of the new will always be, well, thrilling. But sometimes nothing can beat the exhilaration of revisiting old faves. Here are some highlights to check out in the classic gaming area at PAX this year.


Seriously, every console that you could ever name – and likely a few that you couldn’t – is here for the playing with. Our favourite thing of all though had to be this mega Mega Drive stack.


To quote Ren & Stimpy quoting Babs Streisand, “Mem-or-ies!”. Classic home machines from the days when you could easily (well, relatively) churn out your very own games – or type in massive listings from magazines. The most discoloured Atari 1040ST in the world initially caught our attention, but then we spotted this modded C64. Hmm, sorry, but we think we preferred the original bread bin.

PAX - classic gaming


One of our favourite old school pastimes – although with tables like Pirates of the Caribbean and Game of Thrones we guess it’s kind of new school too. There’s a huge array of classic pinnies available to play – you’ll be missing out if you don’t have at least one go. Also, read the very cool pinball timeline if you have a few spare minutes.

Console freeplay!

JB Hi-Fi’s console freeplay area is also very much worth checking out if you dig some of the classic consoles. Well, we spotted the odd Wii and Wii U in there, and they count as retro consoles now, don’t they?