The latest from the mind of David Cage – you know, the Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls bloke – is available to play at PlayStation’s PAX booth. We couldn’t help ourselves, so we eagerly joined the queue for neo-noir thriller Detroit: Become Human.

We got to play a hostage negotiation setpiece – but one with a difference. As Detroit: Become Human is a game about androids and their integration into future society, this is a negotiation between two androids.

That may sound basic, as robots just follow the rules, right? Ah, but these robots are gaining emotions, and some of them aren’t dealing with it particularly well. Like the one that’s dangling a small human child from the top of a tall building here. Eep!

In this instance you take control of android cop Connor. You must scour the scene for clues – including a fish – then process them. All along, you’re given an estimate as to how successful you may be in concluding your aim here – save that little girl.

Beyond scanning, you must also process clues. All of these tasks take place in familiar Quantic Dream style, with flicks of the right control stick, usually followed by a stab at the triangle button. The mechanism has been refined though, it definitely felt less clunky than Heavy Rain (as you’d hope some seven years later).

After some hunting and gathering we were ready to hit the balcony and face the rogue android. We were presented at each turn with a selection of possible responses, from reasoned to rather gung-ho. Each choice affected our chances of success – or failure.

Mercifully though, we saved the little girl. Yay us!

Anyway, it’s just one small piece of a very big game – in which you variously control three protagonists – but our short visit to Detroit left us wanting more. We doubt it will convert anybody who didn’t gel with its two predecessors, but fans of those should be excited.

Detroit: Become Human is due for release sometime in 2018.

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