There’s plenty of gaming hardware for you to be able to check out at this year’s PAX Aus.

Everywhere you look on the show floor, there are racing chairs, headsets, keyboards, gaming chairs, mice, racing wheels, monitors, screens, graphics cards, motherboards, and case mods to be found and scrutinised. There’s always inspiration for your next PC build, or a cheap upgrade for a headset or keyboard that you’ve had your eye on for a while.

We’ve been able to go hands on with some of NVIDIA‘s MAX-Q designed laptops and the world’s first HDR G-Sync monitor, and also check out Corsair’s new dual-zone RGB headset stand. We’ve still got time to spend with Razer and Hyper-X later today; looking forward to seeing what they’ve got on show!

Whether you need one last part to finish off your killer gaming PC or you’re just in the market to treat yourself with a new headset, there’s something for everyone at this year’s PAX. Make sure to stop by all the hardware booths – you won’t be disappointed.