Some details of what to expect from the console to follow the PS4 – not officially known as the PS5 yet, but we’d be shocked if it was called something else – have come to light.

They’re from a reliable source, too, in Mark Cerny, who also designed much of the PS4’s innards as lead system architect.

He’s given first details of what we can expect from the next generation of PlayStation – currently simply referred to as their “next-gen console” – in an interview with Wired.

First up, super-exciting news is that it will be disc-based – which will make all those many fans of physical media very happy. But that’s not all – the machine will be backwards compatible with PS4 games! Hopefully this may prompt them to go the whole hog like Microsoft did with their Xbox family, and give us PS3, PS2 and PS1 compatability. Or are we being too greedy?

This backwards compatability will stretch to PlayStation VR too, so there’ll be no need for new hardware there.

Cerny states that the system will run off a super-speedy new generation SSD drive, meaning a marked increase in disc access speed – a complaint often leveled at the PS4 in that it can be s-o-o-o- slow at times.

Tech-wise, the AMD CPU will have eight cores (meaning fast), while the GPU will be the first in a home console to support ray tracing. This essentially means more realistic effects, pumped out in real time. It will also support 8K video. “3D audio” will also be a thing, but exactly what that entails wasn’t really expanded upon.

We won’t be seeing this machine until 2020 at the earliest, but let’s face it, we all have huge piles of shame to plough through on our perfectly good PS4s, right? Plus there’s still a lot more great gaming on its way for that machine.

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