PlayLink – whereby players download an app and join in on multiplayer games such as SingStar – is set to expand greatly with the addition of seven new titles.

That’s on top of the still forthcoming single-player experience Erica.

The new ones really push the multiplayer angle, even if for the most part it remains a local experience.

Chimparty: Things start with with some simian word smushing, in this outing offering a whole heap of minigame monkey madness for up to four players. It will pack 18 different experiences and 90 levels into one little game.


Uno: Everybody knows Uno, and most everybody loves it. if you’ve lost your actual real world cards then up to four players will be able to play on your TV with this. You’ll even be able to customise the rules to stop those classic Uno arguments… or inflame them!

Knowledge Is Power: Decades: The second entry into this trivia quiz series, it’s pop culture and entertainment knowledge time from the ’80s, ’90s, 00s and ’10s for up to six players. We really miss Buzz though. We still love you, Buzz!

Melbits World: Get an a-maze-ing experience (groan) with this cutesy collaborative puzzle-platformer, in which rhythm and coordination are the key to success.

Wordhunters: Ooh, we love word games! This one will see players compete in a series of wordy minigames set in different cities around the world.

Ticket to Ride: As The Beatles’ lawyers likely hover, players will be tasked with collecting cards showing various types of trains and then using them to claim railway routes across a map. Who’ll build the longest route?

Just Deal With It!: Five classic card games – Play Poker, Blackjack, Crazy Eights, Rummy and Hearts – will be playable both locally or online.

While we all wait for these, check out the current range of PlayLink titles at JB Hi-Fi.