While we had a fair idea what to expect from PlayStation’s E3 showcase this year because they gave fair warning of the four titles that would be focused upon, they still managed to catch us off guard with some treats.

In a change from the usual auditorium thing, this year’s event kicked off in what was described a “church tent”. Argentinian composer Gustavo Santaolalla sat alone on stage playing his The Last of Us theme on banjo, so it wasn’t hard to guess what was up first. Cut to footage from The Last of Us Part II set in a rather familiar-looking church tent… Ah, we see what you did there, PlayStation!

This was our first real glimpse at actual gameplay, and if you’d like to check it out along with some more details, just pop on over to our news item here.

The Last of Us Part II

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Internet viewers then swung by a panel while the live audience left church for their next destination. PlayStation bigwig Shawn Layden was amongst them, and let it be known that a “new game plus” mode is coming to this year’s God of War. Nice!

A very quick look at some upcoming PSVR titles followed, these being Tetris Effect, Days Gone, Twin Mirror, Ghost Giant and Beat Saber.

Tetris Effect


Next? A story reveal trailer for Activision’s Destiny 2: Forsaken

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A spot of shakuhachi action introduced us to our latest look at Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima, and our first gameplay footage. Initially looking much like Shadow of the Colossus set in Feudal Japan, we soon took in samurai fights. These battles look wicked, where one decent slash has you vanquishing your foe rather permanently. But what stood out the most from this footage was the beautiful autumnal colours on display. This one’s going to look an absolute treat, especially on TVs with HDR.

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A snippet of guitar-shredding banana (really) introduced us to a new creation from Remedy, who also gave us the Alan Wake and Max Payne games. Entitled Control, the supernatural action-fest is due in 2019, and looks a lot like this…


Next up, could it be…? Oh yes it is! Resident Evil 2, with a release date of January 25, 2019.


Pause for an animated trumpeter who needs a really good feed (uh, yep) and it’s time for a new game from half of the Rick and Morty team, Justin Roiland. Entitled Trover Saves the Universe and starring “the Bathtub Guy”, just like R&M it oozes wonderfully wacky weirdness all over everything.


Another look at Kingdom Hearts III followed, with a focus on Captain Jack Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean ship battles. The game is set to hit port on January 29 next year.

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Because we all need some coloured celery in our lives, it appeared next. Then, the best look that we’ve had yet at Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding. Other than finding out that The Bionic Woman herself, Lindsay Wagner, has joined the cast alongside 007’s Spectre actress Léa Seydoux, we get to see protagonist Sam (Norman Reedus) traipsing ever-onwards across various landscapes, with the odd break to tend to his bloodied tootsies. Otherwise, we probably have more questions along the lines of “What was that all about?” than we did previously. We love you, Hideo Kojima.

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Want another surprise? BAM! Nioh 2!


The interstitial oddness continued with a brief outbreak of Chopsticks on piano before the last “deep dive” of the night, right into Insomniac Games’ upcoming Spider-Man. To check it out, along with more details on the game, just click here for our news item.


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That wasn’t quite it, however, with an intriguing last-minute title drop from Dark Souls people From Software, a PSVR game entitled
Déraciné. The meaning of the French word is “uprooted from their natural environment,” which may be a hint as to what the game entails…


That’s PlayStation for another year. While there were no new first party reveals, we still got news of some very desirable titles that are on their way – plus had better looks at some of those that were previously announced. Win-win!