Since the first PlayStation enriched our lives with its gaming goodness in the mid ’90s we’ve held certain things to be self-evident.

Chief amongst these is that the four buttons are ‘circle’, ‘triangle, ‘square’ and ‘X’. But, according to PlayStation in the UK, that isn’t the case.

FOOF! There goes our feeble little brain…

They are quite adamant about the ‘X’ button actually being the ‘cross’ button. Which, although it makes sense when you consider that most of us call the other three by shape names, can’t unwrite around 25 years of history.

So phooey to you-ey, PlayStation!

Anyway, with thanks to donthatethegeek, we think these are much cooler names for them:

ps buttons

So, let us know – do you call it ‘X’ or ‘cross – or ‘no pizza’?

Meanwhile, look out for four newly-coloured PS4 DualShock controllers for PS4 this month – complete with ‘X’ buttons!

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