CES is a fun time for techheads, as details on all sorts of wonderful new toys are announced – like PlayStation’s upcoming VR2 for the PS5.

Yes, it will simply be called PlayStation VR2, and those wild wrap-around controllers have been christened PlayStation VR2 Sense.

The aim with PS VR2 is to heighten the virtual reality experience immeasurably over the current generation’s offering – and anybody who’s checked out that shark tank demo will know it’s pretty cool as it stands.

So, what more should we expect? Well, the new Sense controllers will be part of the attack. As you’re likely well aware, the first PS VR repurposed quite old technology in the wiggly-waggly Move controllers. The all-new Sense will add a six-axis motion sensing system, finger touch sensing, plus adaptive trigger and other haptic feedback. Basically all the cool new stuff that the DualSense does, but in a more natural, two-pronged assault designed specifically to harness VR capabilities.

The main event, the headset, is where things really improve. The new one will deliver 4K visuals with HDR – a resolution of 2000×2040 per eye – via super-crisp OLED screens, at frame rates of 90/120Hz. It’ll also bring us “foveated rendering”, which uses less processor-hungry graphical fidelity in peripheral vision in order top keep things happening super speedily in the player’s main line of sight – which is monitored by new inbuilt eye-tracking tech. There’ll even be built-in headset feedback – take a blow to the head in-game, for example, and you’ll really feel it!

Physically, the unit will only have one connection cord now, and will feature head tracking built-in via integrated cameras – so no need for an external camera and, reading between the lines, if you’re space challenged – say in a small flat – you may have more success with PS VR2 than with its predecessor.

It’s hoped that PS VR2 will release later in 2022, although this is dependent upon component availability.

PlayStation are being cagey with imagery currently, but to help make up for it they also announced a whole new Horizon game that will be coming exclusively to PlayStation VR2 – Horizon Call of the Mountain. Check it out: