We’re not talking just *a* savage planet here, we’re talking *the* savage planet! Journey to the Savage Planet is an upcoming first-person adventure that we’ve just seen more of at E3 2019.

This “upbeat” adventuresome outing is set in a bright and colourful uncharted alien world that’s filled with weird and wonderful creatures. Your job is to explore this wild planet, cataloguing new findings in both the flora and fauna categories, and working out whether humans could find it a cosy place to call home.

This game has it all, from curious, flatulent green-eyed creatures and multi-headed purple dino-thingies right through to giant, gelatinous green goo cubes!

Check out the game’s playful vibe in the two trailers a little bit beneath these words.

Journey to the Savage Planet is scheduled for an early 2020 release on PS4 and Xbox One.

Pre-order Journey to the Savage Planet now at JB Hi-Fi.

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