Forget Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, the greatest threat to Japan and Korea could very well be France’s les Lapins Crétins – aka the Rabbids.

After its runaway success on the Nintendo Switch, becoming the best-selling third-party title for the format within less than a month of release – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is set to be unleashed upon Japan and Korea next January by Nintendo themselves.

This is a distinct honour for Ubisoft’s superb and rightfully well-received strategy game, which takes the worlds of both Mario and the Rabbids, and smashes them together with great gusto. Ubisoft are rightfully rather chuffed.

“Nintendo publishing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in Japan and Korea shows that they appreciate the quality of the Rabbids brand and this game, and have high expectations for them in markets they know better than anyone else,” said Alain Corre, EMEA executive director at Ubisoft. “Nintendo have been an amazing partner throughout the game’s development game, and now, thanks to them, Switch owners in Japan will join in on the fun with millions of other players around the world.”

If you haven’t caught the craze yet, here’s a bit of an idea as to what sort of madness you’ll be in for with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

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