Rage 2 is all about extremes, and getting a permanent tattoo – especially when the design is randomly chosen – fits that bill. Yet that’s what a bunch of brave/foolhardy Aussies let themselves in for last weekend.

The things some people will do for a freebie!

Using the hashtag #NoRAGEgrets, last Saturday saw Rage 2 people Bethesda hire Sydney tattooists Hunter & Fox to open their doors and welcome in a bunch of extreme fans in order to become permanent advertisements for the game. Or temporary ones if they were too chicken/smart to offer up perma-skin real estate.

While there were a range of options, volunteers were blindfolded, and picked a design Pin the Tail on the Donkey style. Luckily they were all pretty wild.

Rage 2 is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Read our review here.

Here’s a look at what you missed if you didn’t rock up to the event…

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