If you missed out on one of the special real life PS4 platinum trophies last year then don’t worry, you were hardly alone. At least PlayStation are giving those of us who missed out five more chances to adorn our trophy cabinets with shininess.

The return of PlayStation Plus Platinum Hunters, which Sony are billing as “the ultimate competition for PlayStation 4 gaming connoisseurs”, starts up again today with EA Sports’ FIFA 19 the first game off the rank.


In order to nab a replica real life platinum PlayStation trophy – and these things are no trinkets, in fact they’re rather huge – simply (we use the word loosely) collect all in-game trophies for the game, including the platinum. Then grab a screenshot with the ‘Share’ button and upload it across Facebook or Twitter, with the tag @PlayStationAU and hashtag #PlusPlatinumHunters.

The other four games included in the promotion are:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (releasing October 12)
Fallout 76 (releasing November 14)
Battlefield V (releasing November 20)
Anthem (releasing February 22, 2019)

We’re guessing that we’re not the only ones bummed that Spider-Man didn’t make the cut.

You can watch the rather silly new PlayStation Plus Platinum Hunters launch video right about here…