Rockstar have announced another update for its Red Dead Online beta.

Last week, Rockstar released an update that included, amongst other things, a fix for up to 300 bugs for its online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. This week there’s even more.

First up is the introduction of John Marston’s Evans Repeater rifle from Red Dead Redemption. This will be available at a gunsmith or an in-game catalogue complete with a bevy of customisation options for stocks, sights and wraps.

The second main update will see the introduction of a new Free Roam event called Fool’s Gold. Here players will fight to compete for a suit of Golden Armour. Killing opponents while wearing it will earn the player points and, you probably guessed it, killing someone wearing the armour will also earn points. The armour is then up for whoever can reach it first.

Suit up, it’s time for war.