Justin Roiland needs no introduction to fans of Rick and Morty, being their co-creator and voice and all. Now he’s behind a new comedy adventure game for the PS4, Trover Saves the Universe.

As you might expect, it’s a weird one. You play as the titular Trover, a plasticiney purple dude with round creatures for eyes.

With us so far? Good!

The synopsis reads thusly: “Your dogs have been dognapped by a beaked lunatic named Glorkon who stuffed them into his eye holes and is using their life essence to destroy the universe. You’re partnered with Trover, a little purple eye-hole monster who isn’t a huge fan of working or being put in the position of having to save the universe. He’s also not that big a fan of you quite frankly, and neither am I.”

It isn’t the first time that Roiland has been involved with a video game, having set up a company called Squanchtendo – now Squanch Games, for probably obvious litigious reasons – back in 2016. Specialising in the VR space, they’ve since released such titles as Job Simulator, Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality and Accounting Plus (which we recently finished and are still slightly scarred from).

Trover Saves the Universe supports PS VR, but it is also very much a game that can be played without it. Oh yes, it’s available now. Now! Now! Now! Now! Now!

Here’s the very odd trailer:

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