The drama over Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami before the release of the last Metal Gear is well known, and newly released Metal Gear Survive is the company’s first without the series’ creator at the helm. But it appears that loyalists may remain in the Japanese company’s ranks.

Is this mere coincidence, or is it a hidden message from somebody in the programming team of Metal Gear Survive declaring their loyalty to the ousted Kojima Productions?

Eagle-eyed Twitter user @NourishedPsyche spotted both the note and staff roster below while playing…

As he points out, the first letters of the underlined surnames combine to spell out “KJP FOREVER” on the note, and working from bottom to top the same message appears in the staff list.

Some may label this an X-Files-like conspiracy theory, but let’s be honest, it would take a huge fluke for this not to be in there on purpose – especially as it occurs twice.

Somebody else’s time at Konami is likely about to be up.

Meanwhile, Paul is dead…

Metal Gear Survive is available now at JB Hi-Fi.