SteelSeries have just unveiled a new pair of flagship ultralight gaming mice in the Aerox 3 and Aerox 3 Wireless.

The keyword with these mice is “light”. Not only the obvious in the three-zone RGB lighting that’s included, but also in their weight – both the wired and wireless Aerox 3 models are super-light, for high-speed gaming performance without the heft of so many mice. Even the wireless model comes in at just 66g!

No matter whether you prefer wired or wireless, the Aerox 3 promises up to 200 hours of battery life, fast-charging and IP54 water resistance. The Aerox 3 wireless also boasts a new super-accurate 1-to-1 tracking sensor and allows connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

They may be light, but the Aerox 3 mice are designed to withstand the rigours of competition.

“Ultralight mice have taken the gaming mouse industry by storm,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. “We’re excited to announce two mice that won’t only be great for SteelSeries fans, but will delight PC gamers everywhere. For the first time, gamers won’t have to sacrifice build quality or performance to get a mouse that is incredibly light.”

We’ve recently been playing with the wireless model and have been blown away by how light, responsive and comfortable it is. The Aerox 3 and Aerox 3 Wireless release on November 10.

Check out the SteelSeries range at JB Hi-Fi.