The Astro City arcade machine and its variants are ubiquitous in Japanese arcades even now, despite being introduced back in the 1990s. Now, SEGA are releasing a mini version.

Also known as “candy cabs”, these sit down machines could take pretty much any arcade game board and bring it to life. Or, as our New Astro City declares, “High-resolution graphics and stereo-of-the-art sound double your playing enjoyment!”.

Astro City

The wee version reproduces the original Astro City, and will pack in 36 arcade games, including such hits as Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Alien Syndrome and Virtua Fighter. It will have HDMI out to connect to a TV and two USB ports, presumably for separate controllers.

It also, currently at least, will only release in Japan. At least we can get our teensy arcade kicks with the NeoGeo Mini.